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Kai & Jenni Leingang with more than 70 million views on YouTube

For years we have been sharing our knowledge and passion for watches around Rolex, Patek, Omega & others on YouTube.

When we started looking for boxes and cases for our own watches, We were mostly dissapointed.

Since 2019 we have started to offer watch boxes from another manufacturer - but it was clear from the start:

We want to offer the perfect storage for luxury watches for ourselves and our customers, without compromise, down to the smallest detail.

We put every free minute and a 6-digit euro amount in our own brand LEINBACH for almost 2 years.

We were disappointed on the way to dozens of times when we noticed: Most producers are not interested in developing a good product. They just want to sell quickly and in big quantities.

It took a year alone until we had a partner at hand for the first time exclusively. Together we created the perfect watch roll through douzens of correction loops.

We have taken each sentence of our now over 8,000 customers to heart and incorporated your feedback into our watchrolls.

The result: The best luxury watch storage ever.

Convince yourself of our quality and give your watches the storage they deserve.